Hearing the name of this artist, most music lovers will immediately remember the famous “Smereka”, “Bird of Happiness” and “Raspberry Ringer”. Although some of the singer’s admirers prefer such hits…

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When the popularity of rock music in the country was at its peak, and everywhere the songs of the groups “Cinema”, “Aquarium”, “Time Machine”, “Nautilus Pompilius” and other equally popular…

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Absolutely sincerely, without much pathos, Muslim Magomayev was called the golden voice of the era. The one who left, but thanks to his songs lives in the hearts of millions…

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The Eagles is considered the most “American” of all American bands, as well as the third most popular and most sold record after The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

Is it not enough that after forty-odd years to retire to a well-deserved rest? But no, they are not going to leave the stage and put the tools in a corner. Still (albeit rare) they successfully tour, collecting fans’ halls.

California – The Cradle of The Eagles
They passed all stages on the path of their success – the unknown, the game on small platforms, the appearance of the first hit single, album. Then fame came, and with it money, alcohol, drugs … They all had it. “I don’t know exactly how we will remain in people’s memory. But, probably, someday people will say that we had very good songs. We are proud of ourselves only because all the members of our group are still alive, unlike many musicians of our generation, ”said Don Henley.

Connoisseurs of the history of rock music are unanimous – the members of the future band The Eagles were lucky to get together at the right time and in the right place. It was the city of Los Angeles, in the yard was the end of the band The Eagles of the 1960s. Music lovers are already tired of psychedelics, they are fed up with other popular trends, pulled on a simpler rock, which would be understandable without a “degree” or “doping.”

At this time, fate brought guitarists Randy Meisner, Bernie Lydon, Glenn Frey and drummer Don Henley to the capital of California. It is noteworthy that each of them had good vocal skills and by this time already had musical experience in other groups.

Eagles learn to fly
At first, they positioned themselves only as accompanists and performed with Linda Ronstadt. But already in the first year of their joint work, ambitions prevailed, and future “eagles” left the nest in search of their own path. So in 1971, a new rock band appeared in California, one of many. History did not leave us the name of the group The Eagles who exactly coined the name The Eagles, apparently the musicians were overwhelmed with the desire to fly up and soar, watching how other groups tried unsuccessfully to reach their top.

That almost happened. Under their wing, the rockers took manager Linda Ronstadt. He signed a contract with them and in early 1972 sent to England to record an album. The debut was amazing. Three songs from the record were at once in twenty hits – “Take It Easy”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”, “Witchy Woman”. One could not even dream of such success.

This victory could not be called random. Yes, their work coincided with the demands of the audience and the spirit of the times, the producer also tried, but the musicians themselves made every effort to get into people. Their rehearsals take place far from prying eyes and ears. At this time, the band members practiced every movement, every chord and vocal intonation, perfecting their own sound. There are no improvisations at their concerts, and nothing can make musicians step back from the notes. They have been adhering to this rule for over forty years. The Eagles group On the stage there can be no amateur performances, everything has been learned and rehearsed in advance, brought almost to automatism. From this the music of The Eagles does not lose vividness at all, on the contrary, it is the highest level of professionalism – none of the band members allows themselves liberties on the stage, unexpected turns, frustrated concerts or false sounds. Perhaps that is why, long before the legendary Hotel California, they became an iconic American band.

In search of color
After the debut album, music critics considered the “eagles” the next typical country band, which was already enough in the vastness of America. But the guys did not give up and decided to try themselves in the more serious direction of country opera. In the work on the second album, The Eagles, the author’s duet of Glenn Frey and Don Henley has developed. The new disc gave the world such hits as Tequila Sunrise and Desperado, losing the debut disc in popularity. The Eagles band The collective urgently needed exclusivity, especially music, in order to be the first, not one of many.

New manager and producer, as well as the 1974 album “On the border”, which became crucial, helped in this matter. To record this record, the “eagles” invited guitarist Don Felder, who brought a two-finger instrument with his own hand, and impressed the musicians with his mastery of performance. That’s how Felder’s fresh blood and golden hands helped The Eagles find the very missing unique sound and become a distinctive band.

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