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This musician does not need a detailed introduction. In any country in the world, even people far from music have heard Paul McCartney’s name at least once in their life and know him as one of the leaders of the legendary band The Beatles.

His work is marked by sixteen Grammy Award statuettes, he became a holder of the Order of the British Empire, repeatedly fell into the Guinness Book of Records, and he is also a talented producer, artist and active animal rights activist. Here he is so versatile and unique – Sir Paul McCartney.

Liverpool modest
Fate decreed that James Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool, which was one of the flagships of the industrial revolution. The future idol of millions was born on June 18 in the difficult year of 1942. After the war, the McCartney family, although not in dire need, lived very modestly, which affected the performer Paul McCartney on Paul’s upbringing and worldview. Even becoming a millionaire, he forever remained economical.

The boy made his first musical steps in elementary school, where he first appeared on stage with a musical composition, which he later, by his own admission, could not even remember. Paul said that it was a song associated with the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Then such a young musician was awarded a prize for his first performance. Paul was afraid of the public, but the big scene already beckoned him, leaving a mark in the soul of the child.

At age 14, McCartney with his younger brother was left without a mother, she died of breast cancer. The father did not allow the children to shut up and withdraw into themselves with sad thoughts. He surrounded them with care, attention and love, emphasized cultural education, took the boys to concerts and played the home piano with them, because his mother wanted her children to become outstanding people and speak the language of English aristocrats. Later, Paul often recalled the mother-grafted qualities. Largely thanks to her efforts, McCartney spoke without a Liverpool accent, easily got along with people and had no problems communicating.

Paul McCartney’s first guitar
To further keep the child busy, his father gave Paul an old pipe for his birthday. With the permission of McCartney Sr., he exchanged it for the first acoustic guitar in his life, on which he rebuilt the strings to his own accord, because Paul is left-handed. He began to actively master the game on the instrument, copied the stars of that time and tried to play the hits of the rock pioneers Little Richard and Elvis Presley. At this time, the young musician began to try to write his own artist Paul McCartney melodies. And then there was his acquaintance with John Lennon.

It all started with the fact that one of the school friends of Paul, who sometimes played in the Lennon group called The Quarrymen, invited McCartney to a group performance in the hall of one of the churches. The first meeting of the two musicians took place in the summer of 1957. It was this acquaintance that became fateful for both. Having performed several compositions before the participants of The Quarrymen, Paul proved at this spontaneous audition that he was worthy to be a member of the ensemble. He remembered this summer vacation for life. They gathered with John, learned new chords, wrote down their test creations in a notebook, without fail displaying on each page the phrase: “Original Lennon-McCartney composition”. Soon, Paul persuaded John to accept his friend George Harrison into the group, and then The Quarrymen acquired a new name – The Beatles.

Climbing to the top of the musical Olympus of The Beatles was by no means so easy, the young talents from the ensemble went a hard way to success. Throughout the years of the Beatles’s existence, this truly unique band has been a true creative lighter, he constantly composed new songs, didn’t let the group succumb to star fever, urged his comrades to give up idleness, tried to prevent stagnation and a creative crisis that often covers great musicians. Unfortunately, these efforts by Paul McCartney were not enough, and on the eve of the new 1971, the musician decided to formally terminate his partnership with The Beatles. Paul filed a lawsuit against his colleagues and the group manager, believing that the situation simply had no other solution.

In an interview, Paul McCartney said that in childhood he was in love with the British Queen. He noted that Elizabeth II was a beauty with an attractive figure. performer Paul McCartney at one of his meetings with the Queen, Sir Paul did not take the opportunity to tell her about his childhood feelings, although he often mentions this in the press, hoping that she will read it.


Paul McCartney spoke at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012 and received a nominal fee of 1 pound. In fact, Paul and other famous musicians agreed to play on a grand show for free, but pedantic lawyers demanded to indicate the fee in the contract. That’s how the stars got less than a twentieth of the cost of the cheapest ticket to open games.

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