This musician does not need a detailed introduction. In any country in the world, even people far from music have heard Paul McCartney’s name at least once in their life…

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Varikosette precio Colombia
The Eagles is considered the most “American” of all American bands, as well as the third most popular and most sold record after The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Is it…

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Absolutely sincerely, without much pathos, Muslim Magomayev was called the golden voice of the era. The one who left, but thanks to his songs lives in the hearts of millions…

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For almost 50 years, Cher remains one of the most successful women in show business. Singer, actress, author, director. Possessing such a voice performers in the world can be counted on the fingers. Cher belongs to the galaxy of singers of the 1970s who retained the title of “superstar” in the 2000s.

Not blonde
Once her name sounded a little longer – Sherilin Sargsyan La Pierre. The future megastar was born in California on May 20, 1946. She grew up in Los Angeles, where her mother earned a living by playing films and television. Therefore, Sherilyn had an idea of ​​show business since childhood.

She was increasingly interested in music, theater and cinema. Her first idol was Audrey Hepburn – just because the singer Sherkak now says Cher, she was not a blonde. The indefatigable mother made four more attempts to arrange her personal life, but all to no avail. So it would be worth living for mother Cher and her two daughters in poverty, if not for one decent gentleman – the vice president of a small bank. Thanks God, thanks to my stepfather, life has improved …

What could you expect from a girl whose veins run hot Indian-Armenian blood? Obviously not good manners and obedience. She studied poorly, preferring textbooks going to the movies and to concerts of rock stars. And at age 16, she waved her hand to school and ran away from home to Los Angeles to take acting classes.

Free cleaning lady
In the City of Angels, the fugitive found a job as a backing vocalist and, in addition to her fate, Sonny Bono. He, a 28-year-old producer who was composing songs, immediately discerned in her talent and personality, multiplied by crazy ambition. And Cher just lost her head in love. For two years they lived under one roof: Cher cleaned the apartment, Sonny did not demand rental rent. Two years of pure, chaste relations is extremely unusual, considering that at that time the main slogan of youth was the appeal: “Do not make war, make love!”

singer Shers husband Sonny and daughter Chestiti
When the girl was 18 years old, two duets were formed at once – a family and a stage duet with the “modest” name “Caesar and Cleo”. The success of the latter was tremendous … And why be surprised? In the absence of flair for potential idols, Sonny could not be reproached. While Cher was overwhelming with burning tears, lamenting the discrepancy with the American ideal (exclusively blue-eyed blondes were in demand), the husband decided to play on her dissimilarity. “Gypsy should become fashionable among the hippie generation!” Proclaimed Sonny. And so it happened.

Soon the couple reached the heights of popularity, their hits successfully competed with the creations of the legendary Beatles. While the Caesar and Cleo alliance brought fame to the musicians, the union of Sonny and Cher brought them the daughter of Chestiti. The name, translated by singer Cher as “chastity,” was borrowed from the name of the film, which Sonny made with his own money. Alas, the movie masterpiece did not work, they lost everything they earned on the stage. But fortune clearly favored them – on the CBS channel, the program “Comedy Hour with Sonny and Cher” began to appear. And again, popularity and success.

Every week the couple jokingly joked from the screens, but “behind the scenes” there were less and less reasons for fun. Cher was literally choking on the spouse’s authority, and he increasingly appeared in the company of young starlets. She tried to escape from a marriage that was cracking at the seams – a scandal erupted, the tabloids joyfully began to circulate the dirt that spilled over the river. “I have never been so alone as married to Sonny,” she would later say … In 1974, the couple filed for divorce.

singer Shers Greg Allman
Cher did not stay long for a short while and soon married Greg Allman, the “bad boy of rock and roll”. And after 10 days she started talking about a divorce: Greg, like a true rock star, often resorted to illegal drugs. For four years, the wife tried to help him overcome the addiction, but in vain. After the breakup, Olman remained with his music and drugs, Cher – with their common son Elijah and another disappointment in men.

Life made her put on a solo show in Las Vegas. Then she decided that the time had come for an acting career.

Cher and movie
In the early 1990s, she moved to New York. Her mother’s call to director Robert Altman helped Cher get a role in his film. Mike Nichols also liked the talent, who invited the actress to star in the Silk Forest. In this film, Cher played with Meryl Streep and even received an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actress. For the game in the film “Mask” she received the prize of the Cannes Film Festival. The long-awaited Oscar as the best actress was brought to her by the film Madman, which was released in 1987.

Cupid affairs in Cher’s life
The older she got, the younger her chosen ones were. The bakery Rob Camiletti became the “Apotheosis”: this “Romeo” appeared on the white light 18 years after the famous “Juliet”. SherSher Singer literally lost her head in love: “He has the most beautiful face I have ever seen!”

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