The opera Aida was written more than 140 years ago. Its premiere took place on December 24, 1871 in Cairo with a huge triumph, and still the work does not…

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Yves Montand took everything from life that she gave him. He was devilishly jealous. In rage, he could say a lot of superfluous, but, having calmed down, to find and…

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Hearing the name of this artist, most music lovers will immediately remember the famous “Smereka”, “Bird of Happiness” and “Raspberry Ringer”. Although some of the singer’s admirers prefer such hits…

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Absolutely sincerely, without much pathos, Muslim Magomayev was called the golden voice of the era. The one who left, but thanks to his songs lives in the hearts of millions of fans. And if not every young generation remembers his name, then almost everyone heard the “Ray of the Golden Sun …” from the “Bremen Town Musicians” performed by Muslim Magomayev. The singer not only had a divinely beautiful and unusual voice, he put a particle of his own soul into each song, therefore the songs performed by Muslim Magomayev are an example of the highest art!

Muslim Magomayev: “Luck is a reward for courage”
The people’s favorite, who was literally worn on his hands, had an amazing baritone, which fascinated more than one generation. He was born into the famous Azerbaijani family on August 17, 1942. Grandfather was a pianist, composer and conductor. The grandson was named in his honor – Muslim, and he fully continued the work of the famous ancestor. Father did not return from the front, he died a few days before the victory. Muslim’s mother, Aishet Kinzhalova, was a dramatic actress.

Uncle Jamal’s house was forever home for the boy, and his uncle replaced his father and grandfather. Singer Muslim Magomayev While Muslim peers were playing with cars and tin soldiers, he set up his grandfather’s music stand, picked up a pencil and led an imaginary orchestra.

In 1949, Muslim was sent to a music school at the Baku Conservatory. For the first time they started talking about the boy’s unique voice when he was 8 years old – together with the choir he carefully deduced “Sleep my joy, sleep.”

The main business of his life began with the Italian film “Young Caruso”. At Uncle Muslim’s dacha, every day he could watch the best films: trophy, old and new. He continued his studies at a music school, but singing became a hobby. He was embarrassed to do something with outsiders and hid his secret from home and teachers. Together with friends, Muslim created a secret society of music lovers, where they listened to vocal recordings, jazz music. Gradually, they switched from listening to practice.

Big ship – big sailing
singer Muslim Magomayev He could not continue his studies at the music school. Singing fascinated him so much that all other subjects began to distract, and he moved to a music school. There, life was in full swing, and concert practice was encouraged, and then Muslim was accepted into the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Baku Air Defense District. Once he was summoned to the Central Committee of the Komsomol of Azerbaijan and informed about the upcoming trip to the VIII World Festival of Youth and Students in Helsinki. The performances were a great success. Arriving in Moscow, Muslim saw his photo with a note in the magazine “Spark”: “A young man from Baku conquers the world.”

The turning point in the biography of the singer was March 26, 1963. The Decade of Culture and Art of Azerbaijan was held in Moscow. The young performer was very warmly received. After a couple of days, TASS information appeared in newspapers from a concert of Azerbaijani artists, which reported: “Muslim Magomayev got the greatest success. His magnificent vocal abilities, brilliant technique give the basis for singer Muslim Magomayev to say that a richly gifted young artist came to the opera. ”

He was invited to perform solo in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. And next year, the Baku Opera and Ballet Theater nominated the 22-year-old Muslim for an internship at the La Scala theater in Milan. He went with Anatoly Solovyanenko. It was an unprecedented luck in those days – to get at such a young age into the holy of holies of opera.

Muslim Magomayev: “And there was little room for this song”
Soon Muslim Magomaev was again in France – in Cannes, where the next singer Muslim Magomaev held the International Festival of Recording and Music. His records sold a fantastic print run of 4.5 million copies. A singer from the USSR received a “golden disc”. The next few years were years of victories at various creative contests and music festivals, where the audience applauded Muslim standing.

Muslim Magomayev has always had a full-fledged foreign tour. Of the Soviet pop artists in the line of the State Concert, he was the first to go to the USA. And at the age of 31 he was awarded the highest award – the title of People’s Artist of the USSR. This was also a rare case when a singer who did not have the title of People’s Artist of the Republic was awarded the title across the Union.

Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev listened with pleasure to his song “Bella, Ciao,” and after the official visit to Baku, the Farah chahina invited the singer to participate in the celebration of the anniversary of the singer Muslim Magomayev’s coronation of the Shah of Iran.

In 1997, one of the minor planets of the solar system was named after “4980 Magomaev”.

In October 2010, the first International Muslim Magomayev Vocal Competition was held in Moscow. In the same year, a concert hall named after Muslim Magomayev was opened in Crocus City Hall.

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