Bard Bulat Okudzhava
Many legends are associated with the name of Bulat Okudzhava. No wonder, because such personalities appear in the poetic and musical world infrequently and deservedly become legendary. His poems were…

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What is music?
What is music? We listen to music, create it .. It causes us to associate with certain moments of our lives ... What is music Music is a form of…

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The Doors
Of all the epithets that the press and critics have ever awarded The Doors, the most appropriate would be "original." She really burst into rock music with an extraordinary whirlwind,…

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Late happiness Luciano Pavarotti

When Luciano Pavarotti appeared on the stage, the audience froze in anticipation, and it seemed to every woman: he sings just for her. The great performer had many fans who were ready for anything for the sake of Pavarotti’s supportive look alone. For many years he was married to Adua Veroni, but he never gave up on small romantic adventures. Everything changed when Luciano Pavarotti met his Nicoletta.

Luciano Pavarotti met Adua Veroni in his teens. He dreamed of becoming a famous football player, but Adua, who was seriously engaged in vocals and saw how talented young Luciano, persuaded him to develop in this direction.

Pavarotti began taking music lessons in 1961. When he achieved his first significant success at the international vocal competition, and then brilliantly performed Rudolph’s part in Puccini’s Bohemia at the Theater of Reggio Emilia, Adua accepted his marriage proposal. Since then, she has always been with her husband, touchingly cared for him, put up with his long tour, raised three daughters.

His weakness was delicious food and Adua often joked that her husband had spaghetti in the first place, and after that he had feelings. Luciano also did not hide: he comes from the city of Modena, where they like to eat tasty and plentiful. He weighed 160 kilograms and even pretended to be struggling with excess weight. True, each time, as soon as the next venerable nutritionist left the house of the famous singer, the latter immediately went to the refrigerator, forgetting all the recommendations, and ate again.
Adua patiently and silently experienced numerous rumors about her husband’s novels, and she always answered the questions of journalists: she does not forbid him to look at beautiful women, because he always returns to his family.

They lived together for more than 30 years when Nicoletta Mantovani came to work at the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation.

Pavarotti visited his foundation quite often. And each time invariably found time to communicate with a young secretary. She was 23 years old, he was 58. She saw in him a brilliant singer and a man of a generous soul, but she never considered his candidacy as a future husband.

But Pavarotti had a special opinion on this subject. He began to care for Nicoletta very carefully, without insisting on anything. And she was not offended when she repeatedly refused to go to a restaurant or an exhibition with him. But once, when she again answered “no” to his offer to fly with him to New York, Luciano asked Nicoletta to at least take him to the airport. When they arrived at the airport, Luciano suddenly hugged the girl and timidly asked if she would change her mind. It was then that Nicoletta realized that she was in love.

Those two weeks in New York in October 1993 were the happiest of their lives. But after that it was completely unclear what to do with their feelings. However, Pavarotti promised to settle everything. She believed him and waited.
I had to wait a long time. Luciano later said: for six years he had to get Adua’s hand in order to spend much more time divorcing her. The singer’s wife sincerely believed that the spouse’s romance with the young secretary would end very soon, and Luciano would return home again to his usual and beloved spaghetti and pizzas. But Pavarotti was confident in his feelings and desire to become the husband of Nicoletta.

Just two months after that memorable trip to New York, Nicoletta felt unwell, and the subsequent visit to the doctor completely confused the girl. The diagnosis sounded like a sentence: multiple sclerosis. She cried and asked Pavarotti to leave her, not understanding why he needed her like that. But he needed her any. He loved again and was ready for anything, only so that his beloved would be happy. He challenged a terrible disease and, if he did not win, then he did not lose.

In 2002, Adua agreed to a divorce, and Nicoletta found out about her pregnancy. It was very difficult for her, because for many friends she remained the destroyer of the Big Pa family, and only Adua was his only woman. Many times the young friend of the great tenor was accused of commercialism and rumors circulated that the master was unhappy, she did not care about Luciano and all her love for him was measured only in round sums. Only Luciano’s father and sisters immediately accepted the girl into the family.
In 2004, the pancreatic cancer was diagnosed with the maestro. And he went on a tour of 40 cities to say goodbye to his audience. In 2006, he underwent surgery, after which Pavarotti felt better. But already in the summer of 2007, the great tenor was again taken to the hospital, this time with pneumonia. After discharge, he lived only a few days, on September 6, 2007 the great maestro was gone. No matter what they say, he was a happy man.

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