The musical Notre-Dame de Paris is, above all, a spectacle. And this is fifty songs about love, amazing voices, melodic music that combines French chanson and gypsy motifs. Notre Dame…

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MUGAM is the main form (genre) of Azerbaijani professional music of oral tradition. Part of the pan-eastern culture of macamata. The poetic basis of Mugam is the gazelles of classical…

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When the popularity of rock music in the country was at its peak, and everywhere the songs of the groups “Cinema”, “Aquarium”, “Time Machine”, “Nautilus Pompilius” and other equally popular…

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In the history of heavy music, there are very few groups that can be put on a par with Deep Purple – rock legends that painted the world in dark purple tones.

Their path was winding, like Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar busts and John Lord’s organ parts.

Each of the participants deserves a separate story, but it was precisely together that they became iconic rock figures.

On the carousel
The history of this glorious band goes back to 1966 when the drummer of one of the Liverpool bands Chris Curtis decided to create his own band Roundabout (“Carousel”). Fate brought him to John Lord, who was already known in narrow circles and was known as a great organist. By the way, it turned out that he had a wonderful guy in mind who simply performed miracles with a guitar. This musician turned out to be Richie Blackmore, who at that time played as part of the Three Musketeers group in Hamburg. He was immediately called from Germany and offered a place in the team.

But suddenly the initiator of the project Chris Curtis disappears, thereby drawing a bold cross on his career and putting in jeopardy the nascent group. Deep Purple band Rumor has it that drugs were involved in his disappearance.

John Lord got down to business. Thanks to him, Ian Pace appeared in the group, impressing everyone with his ability to hammer on the drums, knocking incredible fractions out of them. The place of the vocalist was then taken by Rod Evans – Pace’s fellow in the former group. The bass player was Nick Simper.

I’m all deep purple
With the submission of Blackmore, the group was called Deep Purple, and in this composition the team recorded three albums, the first of which was already released in 1968. The song of Nino Tempo and April Stevens “Deep Purple” was the favorite composition of Ritchie Blackmore’s grandmother, so the musicians did not become philosophical for a long time and took it as a basis in the name of the group, without making any special sense. As it turned out, the brand of the drug LCD, which at that time was sold in the United States, was exactly the same name. But vocalist Ian Gillan swears and claims that the band members never used drugs, but preferred whiskey and soda.

Swimming in the rock
Success had to wait several years. The group was popular only in America, while at home, it almost did not cause the Deep Purple group of interest among music lovers. This caused a split in the team. Evans and Simper had to be “fired”, despite their professionalism and the joint path traveled.

Not every band could cope with such bad luck, but Deep Purple came to the rescue of Mick Underwood – a famous drummer and longtime friend of Ritchie Blackmore. It was he who recommended Ian Gillan to him, who “screamed remarkably in a high voice.” Ian in turn brought his friend, bass player Roger Glover.

In June 1970, the new line-up of the group released the album Deep Purple in Rock, which was a crazy success and finally brought “dark purple” to the echelon of the most popular rockers of the century. The indisputable success of the record was the composition “Child in Time”. She is still considered one of the best songs of the group. This album held the top charts for a year. The whole next year the team spent traveling, but there was time to record a new Fireball record.

Smoke from Deep Purple
Within a few months, the musicians went to Switzerland to record their next album, Machine Head. At first, they wanted to make it at the The Rolling Stones traveling studio, in the concert hall, Deep Purple, where Frank Zappa performed. During one of the concerts, a fire broke out, which inspired the musicians to new ideas. It is about this fire that the song “Smoke on the Water” narrates, which later became an international hit.

Roger Glover even dreamed of this fire and smoke spreading over Lake Geneva. He woke up in horror and said the phrase “smoke above water.” She also became the name and a line from the refrain of the song. Despite the difficult conditions in which the album was created, the disc was clearly a success, becoming for many years the hallmark of Deep Purple.

Made in Japan
In the wake of success, the team went on tour in Japan, subsequently releasing a no less successful collection of concert music “Made in Japan”, which became platinum.

The Japanese public made an amazing impression on the “dark purple.” During the performance of the songs, the Japanese sat almost still and listened carefully to the musicians. But after the song ended, they exploded with applause. Such concerts were unusual for Deep Purple, because they are used to the fact that the band Deep Purple in Europe and America, the audience constantly shout something, jump up from their seats and rush to the stage.

During performances, Richie Blackmore was a real showman. His parties were always witty and full of surprises. Other musicians did not lag behind, demonstrating skill and excellent collective cohesion.

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